Winter Time in Pixelmator

Outside the window is a very nasty winter weather so I decided to make something warm and have fun.

Step 1

Open the photo you want to make this effect in Pixelmator. I’m using photo of Little Girl.

Step 2

Go to Filter > Stylize > Noise and change Amount to 4.0%.

Step 3

Go to Layer > New Layer… and choose photo Vintage Paper.

Step 4

After that put Vintage Paper layer below the Background layer. Then change Opacity to 60%. Background layer Blending change to Hard Light.

Step 5

Add a new layer and go to Filter > Transition > Flash… and change Time to 58.4, Striation Radius to 87.2%, Striation Strength to 58.9, Striation Contrast to 5.1%, Fade Threshold to 85.0%. And choose color yellow.

Step 6

Then put layer below all layers, then change this layer Opacity to 60% and Blending to Soft Light.

Final Result: