iOS 7 Icons in Pixelmator

iOS 7 Icons p

We created these icons to show you how easy it is to make whatever you want in Pixelmator 3.0 FX. The best feature in the latest Pixelmator version is Layer Styles. It makes everything so much easier. All of these icons were made using only Shapes, Layer Styles and Gradients.

Download Pixelmator any icon by clicking the image, or if you want to download all of these icons, click on the main picture.


Safari Icon

iOS 7 Safari Icon pn

Music Icon

iOS 7 Music Icon nn

Photos Icon

iOS 7 Photos Icon  pn

Mail Icon

iOS 7 Mail Icon pn

iTunes Icon

iOS 7 iTunes Icon png

Video Icon

iOS 7 Video Icon pn

Weather Icon

iOS 7 Weather Icon pn.

Camera Icon

iOS 7 Photo icon pn