Vintage Effect in Pixelmator

I always loved vintage pictures and this is one a very easy example how to make vintage effect. I hope you’ll like this!

Step 1

Open the photo you want to make vintage look in Pixelmator. I’m using photo Girl.

Step 2

After that go to Layer > Add a New Layer… and insert Paper image. Then resize it like in picture below.

Step 3

Now go to Layer > Duplicate Layer. Then put “Paper” layer below the Background layer.

Step 4

After that change “Paper copy” Blending to Soft Light and Opacity to 50%. And change “Background Layer” Blending to Hard light. Then everything must look like that.

Step 5

Now with Elliptical Marquee Tool make a circle like in picture below.

Step 6

After that go to Edit > Invert Selection, then duplicate this layer and change Blending to Overlay and Opacity to 100%.

Step 7

Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian and change Radius to 50px.

Final Result:

Enjoy by creating!