Giraffe Rider in Pixelmator

My favorite animal is giraffe and I thought that I need something to create with them, and as you can see i do it!

Step 1

Open Pixelmator and create a new document with picture “Running giraffe” then cut the edges like in picture below.

Step 2

Choose Layer > New Layer.. > Choose Picture and choose picture “Riding girl”.

Step 3

Delete with Erase Tool thin line around the girl and with Magic Wand Tool select girl.

Step 4

After that go to Edit > Invert selection and then with Erase Tool clean the background and leave just girl.

Step 5

Now go to Edit > Flip Horizontal and then pick up the girl and put on the giraffe.

Step 6

Choose Layer > New Layer > Choose Picture and choose picture “Vintage background”. Then transform this picture and put it over the entire background. After that change Opacity to 60% and Blending to Overlay.

Step 7

Add a new layer with “Paper” picture and make the same thing like with “Vintage background” and then just change Opacity to 80% and Blending to Overlay.

Final Result:

Good luck by making!