Light Leak Effect in Pixelmator

When I was looking at the pictures I saw this effect, I very wanted to make it and it’s my first try to make light leak effect in Pixelmator. I hope you’ll enjoy… Continue reading

Flowers Effect in Pixelmator

Because summer is coming to us, I decided to make something summery. It’s very easy effect in Pixelmator, which you can make just in few minutes.


Some moments from the our travel to Spain.

Water’s Room in Pixelmator

I very like to playing with the photos and create unusual images, so here is one my of ideas and I hope you’ll like this!

Dreamy Photo Effect in Pixelmator

I found this really nice picture and after long experiments finally I do this dreamy effect. It’s very easy to make this effect on almost every photo in 10 minutes, using just colors.… Continue reading

Winter Time in Pixelmator

Outside the window is a very nasty winter weather so I decided to make something warm and have fun.

Vintage Effect in Pixelmator

I always loved vintage pictures and this is one a very easy example how to make vintage effect. I hope you’ll like this!

Giraffe Rider in Pixelmator

My favorite animal is giraffe and I thought that I need something to create with them, and as you can see i do it!

Painting Simple Illustration with Pixelmator

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make illustrations in Pixelmator. This illustration I paint with Wacom Touch.

Scary Fish in Pixelmator

I always loved to play with the photos and create compositions, so here is one of the ideas how to do something interesting and unusual.