Cheshire Cat in Pixelmator

About couple years ago I watched Alice in Wonderland. The movie was really good, but the most admiring thing to me was Cheshire Cat. That is why I decided to create Cheshire Cat… Continue reading

Design a Retro Futuristic Poster in Pixelmator

This futuristic poster is very fun to do, and you can play with colors and sizes, so this is easy to do!

Retro Triangular Pattern Design in Pixelmator

This is very easy to crete this pattern and you really should try it!

Create a Card in Pixelmator

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make with shapes a card. This is very easy and you should try!

Colorful Logo Style Ribbon Graphic in Pixelmator

There I’ll show you how to create colorful logo style ribbon graphic. We’ll use various tools and techniques in Pixelmator to create a great looking vector based design complete with subtle gradients and… Continue reading

Digital Clock Style in Pixelmator

I very liked this idea to create something with digital clock style. This is very easy, and in this tutorial I’ll show you how create this letters with Pixelmator just in few minutes.

Angry Bird in Pixelmator

I very like this game, so I decided to create this bird. It’s very easy and you can create this game characters himself using Pixelmator.

Retro Folded Typography in Pixelmator

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make retro folded typography in Pixelmator. With this example you can make it very easy. It’s very fun creating these letters and after that you… Continue reading

Vintage Look to Photos in Pixelmator

The vintage look is wonderful and easy to create in Pixelmator. That’s why I decided to give a try.

Create an iPod Ad in Pixelmator

There is one example how to create an iPod ad in Pixelmator. After those few steps you can easily create your own iPod ad just like you want.