Retro Waves Poster Design in Pixelmator

Retro Waves.

In this tutorial I want to show you how to create simple, but at the same time very impressive tutorial. I called it ”Retro Waves”, because it really looks like some calorific waves.

Step 1

Open Pixelmator file and create a new image, I’m using 1110×470 pixels for the size. Select Paint Bucket Tool and fill the ”Background Layer” with beige color.


Step 2

With Pen Tool create a shape like in the image below.


Step 3

Duplicate ”Shape” layer about eight times and then add them in one line. Select all these layers, after that go to Layer > Merge Layers. Then rename it in ”Wave”.


Step 4

With Paint Bucket Tool fill ”Wave” layer with a little bit darker color than the font is. Using Move Tool put ”Wave” layer like in the image below.


Step 5

Duplicate ”Wave” layer and fill it with dark beige color.


Step 6

Using the technology that I showed in earlier steps you can create more ”Waves”.


Step 7

Add a Texture, change layer’s Blending to Multiply and reduce the Opacity to 50%.


Step 8

Add a Texture 2, change layer’s Blending to Overlay and reduce the Opacity to 42%.


Final Result:

Retro Waves.