Red Queen’s Silhouette in Pixelmator

If you will try to stare at this picture for few seconds, you should see silhouette of Red Queen head. So in this tutorial I will show you how to create a poster using the Pen Tool in Pixelmator, mixed with some colours and textures. The whole process won’t take much time and I hope you will like the outcome.

Step 1

Open Pixelmator and create a new document. I’m using 700×800 pixels for the size. After that fill the Background Layer with beige color.


Step 2

Take Elliptical Marquee Tool and draw oval form in the middle of document, then fill it with light beige color.


Step 3

Go to Edit > Refine Selection… and choose size 20 px. After that create a new layer, fill it with beige color and put it below the layer. Then go to Edit > Deselect All.


Step 4

With Pen Tool create a strip form as shown below:

Step 5

Now we are going to add some shadows. Take the Pen Tool and draw them like in picture below and fill shape with dark beige color.

Step 6

With Pen Tool create a cross and fill with dark grey color. Afetr that change the Opacity to 75%.


Step 7

Now create a rhombus, fill it with dark red color and change the Opacity to 90%.


Step 8

With Pen Tool create a heart and fill with the same dark red color, after that change Opacity to 85%.


Step 9

Create a spade, fill with with dark grey color, then change Opacity to 90%.

Step 10

Now we are going to add texture. Go to Layer > New Layer > Choose Picture… and choose Texture picture. After that change Blending to Overlay and Opacity to 35%.

Final Result: