Broken Letter in Pixelmator

Step 1

Open Pixelmator and create a new document. Use 1000×1000 pixels for the size. Then take the Pen Tool and create shape like in the image below. Fill it with dark blue color.


Step 2

Now create a new shape, it’s similar to the previous, just a little bit different form, fill it with the same blue color.


Step 3

Using Pen Tool make another shape, you should get something like in picture below.


Step 4

Add a new shape, it looks similar to H letter and fill it with light cyan color.


Step 5

Now start to make letter A top. Create a new shape, this form is very simple to do.


Step 6

This step is very similar to others, you just need to make a shape, which form is like transformed A .


Step 7

Add a new shapes, they are the top of the letter, it makes A look like 3D.


Step 8

Now create splinters. Create a new shapes, like in picture below and add a shadow, to make it more realistic.


Step 10

Feel free and create other splinters however you want.


Step 11

The last thing is to fill the Background Layer. Choose the Background Layer and go to Edit > Fill.. and fill it with dark blue color.


Final Result:

Broken Letter