Geodesic in Pixelmator


It’s very fun to create Geodesic effect, you can use different images and just use your imagination to create this amazing effect. Good luck by making!

Step 1

Open Pixelmator and create a new document. For the size I’m using 900x700px.


Step 2

With Elliptical Marquee Tool create a circle, while holding Shift key, then your circle will be correct.

2Step 3

Now fill this circle with black.


Step 4

Now with Pen Tool draw vertical line in the middle of the circle.


Step 5

Now just duplicate this shape few times and put them equal distance, like in picture below. Then just mark all these lines layers and go to Layer>Merge Layers. After that just rename this Layer to Vertical Lines.


Step 6

Now duplicate Vertical Lines layer and go to Edit>Transform. Then just rotate these lines 45°.


Step 7

With Pen Tool add lines like in the picture below. You can draw one, then just duplicate and put them in their places. Then just mark all these lines layers and group them, you can rename this group.


Step 8

Now merge all layers except Background Layer. Then in Effects Browser table choose Bump. For the Radius I’m using 370px and for the Scale I’m using 38px.


Final Result: