Old Fashioned Poster in Pixelmator

pgr psl

In this tutorial I want to show you how to create a simple poster. Good luck!

Step 1

Open Pixelmator and create a new document, use 1400×850 pixels for the size. However, feel free to choose any size you like. Next, select the Type Tool and choose Bangla MN as the font, set font size to 30 and create a text like in the example below.


Step 2

Now, with Type Tool create another text and choose Arial Black as the font, set font size to 365. Use the Move Tool to position it as in the image below.


 Step 3

Go to Layer > Convert into Pixels. Select Rectangular Marquee Tool and make a square about a letter T. After that press right mouse button and choose Cut and Paste as Layer. Do the same thing with all letters except Y, because it already has a layer.

Step 4

Now, when all letters have their layers you can move it like in the example below.

Step 5

Click on the thumb of the letter T layer while holding the Command Key also you can use Magic Wand Tool. With Gradient Tool fill the layer with blue-beige colors. Do the same with all letter, but now choose different colors to make it look more interesting. Change all layers Blending to Multiply.


Step 6

Now you can add a new shape in the up of the poster, fill the layer with light blue color.


Step 7

Add another shape, using Ellipse Shape Tool and fill it with light beige color, create another and fill it with blue color. Change their Blending to Multiply.


Step 8

Now add a  Texture, then set the Texture layer’s Blending to Multiply and change the Opacity to 80%.


Step 9

To make it look more realistic let’s add another Texture, set Blending to Hard Light and change the Opacity to 30%.


Step 10

Let’s add one more Texture, set Blending to Color Burn and change the Opacity to 30%.


Step 11

Finally, go to Image > Color Adjustments and choose Brightness. Set Brightness to -3% and Contrast to -100%.

12Final Result:
pgr psl