Geometric Poster Design in Pixelmator


That’s very fun to create cubes, you can just change colors, sizes and you can get your own pattern, that’s very amazing!

Pixelmator file you can download here.

Step 1

Open Pixelmator and create a new document. For size choose 1800x2000px. Now add a new layer and create a rectangle with Rectangular Marquee Tool, while holding Shift Key, then our making rectangular will be correct shape.Image

Step 2

Now transform it and rotate rectangular 45 degrees.


Step 3

Now go to Edit>Transform and choose Skew Transform. Then you should get something like in picture below, after that just fill it with Gradient Tool. This time I picked yellow and purple colors, because I think, that’s very beautiful combination.


Step 4

When you did that, just duplicate rectangular layer and put it a little bit below, than the other rectangular. Now you have our cube background, and it’s not difficult to see how to end it.


Step 5

Now just change Opacity to 40% both rectangular layers.


Step 6

Add a new layer and with Polygonal Lasso Tool follow the lines in picture below and create a new rectangle – that’s our cube outside. And fill it too.


Step 7

Just change Opacity to 50% and duplicate it. Put it in the other side. Now you should see a    cube, but it’s not done yet.


Step 8

Now you need just 2 sides. Use the same way like in step 6-7, just it should be in the opposite side.  After that you can select all squares layers and create a group, then it’s easier to work.



Step 9

Now with Brush Tool add some very big circles, you can choose colors, but i chose red, yellow and black, because it highlights the colors.


Step 10

Now change Blending to Soft Light, and you can see that colors is stronger and have beautiful highlights.


Step 11

Now just fill Background Layer with very bright yellow color. That will add a little bit more vintage style.


Final Result:

Geometric Cube

What’s Next?

Now you can make many cubes and create your own pattern. You can change colours and create something very beautiful. Good luck by creating!