Scrabble Tiles Text in Pixelmator

I always liked scrabble text, so I tried to make it in Pixelmator. This is easier than I was thinking, and it’s so fun to create words, it’s like a game. You can there put your own pattern, also you can add details you like and make it more beautiful!

Step 1

Open Pixelmator and create a new document. For size I’m using 560x473px. After that go to Layer > New Layer… > Choose Picture… and pick up Pattern image. Now you can delete Background Layer because we don’t need it.

Step 2

Now with Rounded Rectangle Shape Tool create a shape like in picture below. Color choose light yellow, and with a little shadow in the right side.


Step 3

Now duplicate Shape layer, then change color to white and remove shadow. After that put this layer below Shape layer, and make a thin white line with it above yellow rectangle  – it makes a illuminated place, like in picture below:


Step 4

Now, add the letter you want inside the tile. Use the color Black and any font you like. The font used here is Code Bold and the size is 260.

Step 5

Now add a new empty layer, then with Brush Tool paint something like in picture below, then put it below “P” layer.


Step 6

Now change Blending to Soft Light and then go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian and use 27.0 px for the Radius.

Final Result:

Using this example you can create letters and words you want.