Poster Design in Pixelmator

I saw this creative idea in internet, and then I decided to make something like that. It wasn’t hard to create it, but I was made so much examples and this is one of the best. I hope you like it!

Step 1

Open Pixelmator and create a new document. For size I’m using 811x1167px. After that go to Layer > Add Layer > Choose picture… and pick up Creased Paper picture.

Step 2

Now Add a new empty layer and with Rectangular Marquee Toll make a rectangle, after that fill it with blue color. Then rename it to “Background”.

Step 3

Add a new picture layer and choose Ink Splatter, then transform it and make like in picture below:

Step 4

Now select Background and Ink Splatter layers and go Layer > Merge Layers. Rename this layer to “Background” again, and change Blending to Multiply. Then add a new text layer and write “design the beauty of simplicity”. For fold I’m using Futura – Bold.

Step 5

Now just add quotes like in picture below:

Step 6

Now add a new empty layer and with Polygonal Lasso Tool draw some details.

Step 7

After that merge all text layers and the layer with details, then rename it to “Text”. To create a marquee selection of this layer, just click on the thumb of “Text” layer while holding the Command Key. Now make “Text” layer invisible, after that with Magic Erase Tool on Background layer delete the place which is selected. Then go to Edit > Deselect All.


Final Result: