Create a Card in Pixelmator

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make with shapes a card. This is very easy and you should try!

Step 1

Open Pixelmator and create a document. I’m using 1000×1000 pixels. After that go to View > Show Grid.

Step 2

Now with Pen Tool make a rectangular like in picture below. I’m using 3px for Stroke.

Step 3

After that add by two red buttons around corners. When you make this it should look like that.

Step 4

Now pick up angular red buttons and drag a bit towards the middle. Then the corners should look round.

Step 5

Now we don’t need a grid so go to View > Hide Grid. Then above push fill and fill the card with light pink. After that hide the stroke.

Step 6

Add a new layer and go to Layer > Create Clipping Mask. When you did this go to Filter > Generator > Clouds. There choose black and grey.

Step 7

After that Change Blending to Hard Light and Opacity to 50%.

Step 8

Now add a new layer with picture vintage paper. Then create again clipping mask and change Blending to Overlay.

Step 9

Go to Layer > New Layer… > Choose Picture… and pick up ace of spades picture and transform it. After that it should look like that:

Final Result: