Vintage Look to Photos in Pixelmator

The vintage look is wonderful and easy to create in Pixelmator. That’s why I decided to give a try.

Step 1

Open an image which you want to make a Vintage Effect.

Step 2

Make colors even crisper and  to do that, use the Curves Tool. With the image layer selected, choose Image > Curves. Then click to select the Red color and position the starting point to approximately 45 on the vertical axis and approximately 70 on the horizontal axis. Do the same with Blue and Green colors, but use another numbers. Blue color: 45 on the vertical axis and  65 on the horizontal axis, Green color about 40 on the vertical axis and 65 on the horizontal axis.

Step 3

Now go to Image > Exposure… and move it in the right side about 20%.

Step 4

Choose Eliptical Marquee Tool (Y) and denote circle form in the middle of photo.


Step 5

Now go to Edit > Refine Selection… and choose Feather 80%. Click OK. After that create a new layer: Layer > New Layer… Then go to Edit > Invert Selection.


Step 6

Choose Edit > Fill… and fill the photo with black colour.


Step 7

Go to Filter > Blur > Zoom… and choose Anmount about 21 px. Change Opacity to 80%.

Step 8

Now choose Image > Curves, select the RGB and drag the starting point of the curve to position it a bit higher (to approximately 10).

Step 9

And the last step before the end, choose Layer > New Layer… > Choose Picture… and choose Vintage Paper Tehture photo, transform it. Change Blending to Multiply and Opacity to 60%.


Final Result: