Some moments from the our travel to Spain.

Also we travel in littles towns where is so wonderful, people are so friendly and all streets, all houses are so beautiful and lovely.

We were at exclusivity Spain artist S. Dali museum. I was never see so interesting artist museum, there you can see so much color playing, unusual experiment, strange artistic decisions, and then you can understand how he was amazing. And don’t forget the most greatest last century architect A. Gaudi. Almost everyone knows his works – Sagrada Familia, Bone House, Park Guell and so much more work. He’s enchanting!

Most I liked Cadaques town. There was so pretty in the morning, and we were so early, that just some people was walking. Then we found little muffins shop and there cakes was wonderful. There was so beautiful, I really hope come back here one day.

We liked so much, that in littles yard grow big lemons trees or oranges and mandarins bush. In Lithuania you’ll never see this, but in Spain this is nothing unusual. In Barcelona were not just beautiful architecture, but and interesting people, some was a little bit weird, but cool too.

Some was little and pretty cute…

Although there is spring, days are very hot, like summer in Lithuania. Every day we eat ice creams, also it was so good weather so we went swimming in the sea.

But now, when the snow is outside the window, i don’t think, that you can want ice creams or went swimming. It’s so hard to back from almost summer in cold home like in winter. I can’t wait to bee in Spain again!