Scary Fish in Pixelmator

I always loved to play with the photos and create compositions, so here is one of the ideas how to do something interesting and unusual.

Step 1

Open Pixelmator and create a new document with 3000x3000px size. Choose Layer > New Layer… and insert  “Wall texture” image. Choose Edit > Transform or Cmd-F to resize the picture like in image below.

Step 2

Click to select Brush Tool in Tools palette and draw dark line.

After that just change Opacity to 56%.

Step 3

Add a new layer with “Stormy sea” picture and create selection around the sea.

Step 4

Choose Edit > Invert Selection and delete everything around the sea. After that resize sea like in picture below.

 Step 5

Add a new layer and Choose Layer > Create Clipping Mask. Then on this layer draw dark line and the result of that should be similar to this:

After that change Opacity to 30%.

Step 6

Now when you’re done select all the layers then create Choose Layer > Group Layers and rename the group to “Background”.

Step 7

Add a new layer with the picture “Ball” and with Magic Wand Tool  create selection around the hand and ball.

Then delete everything around the hand and ball.

Step 8

After that we need to do a shadow. So draw dark line like in picture below.


After that change Opacity to 10%.

Step 9

Now add a new layer and put this layer below the hand layer, and then draw second shadow, but this time the shadow is under the hand.

 After that change Opacity to 75%.

Step 10

Add a new layer with picture “Scary fish”.

Delete everything around the fish, then change fish Opacity to 80%.

Step 11

Add a new layer with picture “Water on glass”. Then change this picture Opacity to 50% and now you can easy with Polygonal Lasso Toll create selection around the bubble.

Then invert selection and Choose Edit > Invert Selection and delete everything around the bubble like in picture below. After that change Opacity to 100% and Blending to Hard Light.

Step 12

Add a new layer with “Grunge” picture. Then change the Opacity to 50% and Blending to Soft Light. Do the same thing and with “Paper texture” picture.

Step 13

Then create  new layer with “Metal texture”. After that just change Blending to Overlay.

Step 14

Now Choose Image>Color Balance and change Cyan/Red to 19%, Magenta/Green to 14% and Yellow/Blue to -3%.

Final Result


1. Wall texture
2. Stormy sea
3. Ball
4. Scary fish
5. Water on glass
6. Grunge
7. Paper texture
8. Metal texture