Let it snow!

Pixelmator is a really versatile tool not only for image editing but also for creating some new shapes and compositions and it doesn’t matter if you are pointless in drawing it’s enough to know how to use some easy tools.

This time I will show you how to make some artworks while using just several lines and Kaleidoscope filter.

Step 1

Open Pixelmator and create a new image (File > New).

Step 2

Click the Add button (+) to create a new layer in the Layers palette (View > Show Layers). Double-click on the layer name and change it to the “Snowflake”. Click the Brush Tool on Tools palette and choose your favorite color, handy brush size. Now doodle painting to look like in screenshot below.

Then everything should look like that.

Step 3

Choose Filter>Tile>Kaleidoscope, use around 10 for the Count and play with the Angle. Then drag the center point and create your own snowflake.

Final Result:

What’s Next?

Now you can change the background, try different colors and brushes and create the best postcards ever!

Get your creativity on!